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Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual Healing


    Spiritual Healing Session With Misha 


    Only available in special cases for those who require immediate attention. 


    Time permitting Misha offers 2 free sessions each month for those who are unable to afford the service. This is awarded to the most critical / urgent case each month.


    • Spiritual energy work

      Sessions can include:

      • release of blockages in the pain body
      • release of 'energetic attachments' (entities),
      • releasing past or current life chords,
      • releasing past life traumas,
      • mending holes in the auric field,
      • helping with a deceased one,
      • clearing of black magic,
      • helping alleviate fears and thought forms
      • balancing the energy centers of the body
      • Psychic surgery
      • and more
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