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Cécile Mennesson

Cécile helps to open the minds of others through her ability to show others another way of looking at things.


She is particularly equipped to handle challenging relationships and to assist others in doing so. She has a sharp and incisive gift of looking in precisely on the truth underlying any given situation, as well as being able to communicate this clearly to others. The essence of her role is to change the way people think — about themselves, about each other, and about the world at large.


With her constantly enquiring mind, she has built up a great reservoir for the sake of helping others resolve their questions and clarify their decisions.


Cécile is an agent of the unexpected. She is a lover and a romantic, a fool and a sage, a free spirit with the mind of a genius and the heart of a child. She started her spiritual journey after her first near-death experience.

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Misha Baumann

Misha is a master healer in the quantum field, spiritual mentor, rainmaker, and entrepreneur.


He spent two decades studying spirituality and the quantum field and is an expert at quantum field re-patterning.


Using quantum re-patterning and quantum healing techniques, Misha is able to access deep-seated subconscious beliefs, karmic ties, and much more to help people release blockages with ease and grace and help create a new life they desire. 


He is very capable of understanding and supporting a wide range of professionals with their personal transformation as a result of previously being an international strategy and business development executive, working at startups, mature businesses, and Fortune 200's. 

Light Ventures, is a platform for

assisting people to enrich their personal and professional lives with the most appropriate and effective knowledge, tools and skills available.

We believe deeply in the potential of empowered individuals to make this world a better place. We love to see our clients step into their true power and become the best version of themselves.


We've spent over 20 years walking the transformational path, from the traditional practices of meditation, fasting, detox, to the world of personal development, quantum work, psychedelic, and other alternative approaches to healing and expanding consciousness.


We've traveled around the world to study the spiritual and healing practices of other cultures. Together we've facilitated healing and life transformation for thousands of souls over the last 20 years. 


When you work with us you embark on an accelerated Transformational Journey that will change and impact all aspects of your life and business. 

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